Monday, January 12, 2009

Regina Youth Chess Club

We have started a Sunday drop in chess club in Regina. As many schools do not have chess clubs several parents in Regina see a need to host a city wide chess club for kids and teens - to give Regina's youth a chance to play chess with their peers once a week. The format will be mostly informal - bring a chess board (if you can) and come play some chess. We hope to have occasional guest instructors and to eventually set up some scholastic rated games for those who are interested. For more info see the previous post. If you would like a printable copy of the poster please contact Lauri.


Don MacKinnon said...

Lauri, great to see you getting this kids chess day going in Regina. Its exciting to see that Regina school teachers are contacting you about the benefits of chess for their students. (Chess stands for Chess Helps Every School Subject). Regarding teaching chess, a teacher does not have to be a player. Simply download Tom O'Donnell teaching manual from the CFC web site and that will cover everything for the first year. Good luck.

Lauri said...

This club is not currently running.