Friday, September 11, 2009

Back to School chess tournament in Saskatoon

Our annual fall, "back to school" chess tournament is now confirmed for Saturday, October 17th, at St. George School, 748 Redberry Rd., Saskatoon.

Please arrive by 10:00 so that we can start play at 10:30.

National Master Keith MacKinnon, will play a simultaneous exhibition over the lunch hour against all tournament players who wish to play against him. There is no added cost to play Keith if you are registered to play in the tournament.
  • The cost of playing in the tournament is $15.00, plus the annual SSCA membership fee once again being $5.00 for the year.
  • Please pre-register by contacting the Tournament Director, Don MacKinnon, at, or at 306 445-8369.
  • Players will be divided into sections by playing strength, and all players should play 5 games. (Some sections might play 6).
  • The tournament will be Chess'n Math rated.
  • The time control will be 30 minutes per player, however, not all players will need to use a clock.
  • Please bring an extra pair of shoes so that we keep the gym floor clean!
This tournament will be a great tune up for those of you who have gotten a bit rusty over the summer, and an even better tune up for those of you who have been working at your chess. Come out and play and see how much you have improved.

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