Saturday, April 13, 2019

2019 CANADIAN CHESS OPEN, July 12-18, 2019, Travelodge Regina


This is Canada's most prestigious chess tournament. 
  • CFC and FIDE Rated (Norms Available)
  • Skill levels range from Grandmasters to novices
  • $15,000 in guaranteed cash prizes

When and Where

July 12-18, 2019

4177 Albert Street
Regina, Saskatchewan  S4S 3R6 



Open Section:
  • FIDE and CFC rated
  • Open to all rated players - but recommended skill level is CFC 1900+
  • CFC Rated
  • For players rated 1800-1999 
  • CFC Rated
  • For players rated 1600-1799
  • CFC Rated
  • For players rated under 1600  (and unrated players)

Entry Fees

Open Section - $199.99
Lower Sections - $174.99

+ $25 Starting June 1, 2019

Registration Closes July 10, 2019

2019 CYCC and Canadian Open Pre-Registration Lists:


July 12, 2019: 3PM - Opening Ceremony
July 12: 5PM - Round 1
July 13: 10AM - Round 2
July 13: 6PM - Simultaneous Play Event with GM Alexander Cherniaev
July 14: 10AM - Round 3, 6PM Round 4
July 15: 10AM - Round 5, 6PM Round 6
July 16: 10AM - Chess Lecture with GM Alexander Cherniaev on H. N. Pillsbury
July 16: 6PM - Round 7
July 17: 10AM - Special Event, 6PM Round 8
July 18: 10AM - Round 9, 6PM Award Ceremony


9 Round Swiss Tournament

90' / end + 30" increment starting from move one. 
(Game in 90 minutes + 30s increment from move one.)

Byes: Up to 3 half point byes available from rounds 1-6. You can specify these at checkout.

Refund Policy:

We offer a 100% refund (including ticket fees) before June 12, 2019
50% refund available until July 10, 2019. 
You can refund your ticket through the eventbrite ticket vendor, or by emailing us. 

Sectioning policy:

Open section: Open to all rated players, but we strongly suggest 
players rated below 1900 play in lower sections. 

Lower sections: Your section is based on your current CFC or FIDE rating. 
You may upgrade your section if your rating changes before the start date. 
You are not allowed to downgrade your section (to prevent sandbagging).

Unrated players: First time tournament players should register in the U1600 section. 
To apply for higher sections, please email us your or username, 
and type "CO2019" in your profile. 

US / International players: May use their national rating (e.g. USCF) 
if no established FIDE or CFC rating is available. A $16 CFC tournament pass is required.

Withdrawal / Absent Policy:

Absent players are forfeited one hour after round starts.

You must tell the arbiter 24 hours in advance if you plan to withdraw mid-tournament, 
or your next game will be rated as a forfeit.

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