Thursday, March 17, 2022

2022 SSCA Qulification Tournaments in Mar/Apr

Saskatchewan Scholastic Chess Association is hosting 2 qualification tournaments (online @, and players should choose one or both of them to be qualified for the 2022 Provincial Chess Competition in May. 

1st Qualification:  March. 27 (Sunday) 10am ~ 5pm

2nd Qualification: April. 30 (Saturday) 10am ~ 5pm

Eligibility: Open to all Saskatchewan players from Kindergarten through Grade 12. New players are warmly welcomed. 

Time Control: 25+5  (25 minutes with 5 second increment for each player)

Rounds: 3 ~ 5 (which will depend on the registrations we get)

     1. Chess tournament rules apply   
     2. Fair play rules apply (Please read this part in details). 
We would like to ensure the highest standards of ethics and fair play during online chess games
     3. Restroom Policy: 
        1) Players can not use restroom when it’s their turn to move
        2) No restroom allowed after 20min after the game starts

Equipments requirement:

1. Computer only, no chess board allowed. 
2. Angled Camera: Using a second device (Cell phone, computer, and etc) to login to ZOOM, turn on video which must show player and the computer screen fully

Registration Fee: $10 (same price for 1 tournament or 2)

Actions Required:

1. If you don't have a Lichess account, please go to to register an user account.

2. Fill up the tournament registration form: Tournament Registration Link

3. E-transfer the registration fee ($10) to SSCA treasurer's email:
Please indicate in the description of the transfer as below:
2022 SK Qualifications / Player's Full Name / Grade 

4. Join the teams in Lichess:    
Once we receive your Registration Form & Payment, we will accept your request to the teams. 

For inquiries or further info please contact Tracy at or 306-341-0078.

Registration List

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